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Chris Roberts

Research Scientist, ECMWF/Met Office

Expertise: Climate change & variability, Predictability, Oceanography, Sea level

Wall Street Journal commentary grossly misleads readers about science of sea level rise

“The article has almost nothing to do with the modern state of sea-level science. The author tries to call into question that global warming causes sea-level rise, and does so by cherry-picking a short segment of data from 1915-1945, a time when data quality is poor and the warming signal small—a bizarre approach that could never pass scientific peer review and is apparently aimed at misleading a lay audience.”

IFLScience story on Florida sea level rise somewhat unclear but generally correct

“While the information in this article is essentially correct, the links lead to loosely related articles published on the same website, rather than articles that directly support the statements made in the article. The explanation of the acceleration of sea level rise in Florida is oversimplified, probably because it is difficult to summarize concisely.”