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Peter Kalmus

Data Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Expertise: Clouds, Satellite observations

Claim that human civilization could end in 30 years is speculative, not supported with evidence

“The report this article is based on describes a scenario which is unlikely, but several aspects of what is included in the report are likely to worsen in coming decades, such as the occurrence of deadly heatwaves. The conclusion of a high likelihood that human civilisation will end is false, although there is a great deal of evidence that there will be many damaging consequences to continued global warming over the coming decades.”

Western Journal op-ed deceives readers with completely unsupported claims

“What would make their case stronger would be if they actually analysed all the data, engaged with the existing scientific literature and made their own contribution to our scientific understanding by publishing a scientific paper. The cherry picking exercise in this Western Journal article does not contribute to our scientific understanding of the world.”