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Ted Scambos

Senior Research Scientist, National Snow and Ice Data Center

Expertise: Climate change effects on the cryosphere

Rain fell on Greenland summit for the first time on record, as accurately reported by CNN

“The article is highly factual. One issue that we have is the lack of data over the Greenland Ice Sheet (both spatially and temporally). Thus some of the claims, although backed by the limited data, are valid; we can’t be sure that we may have missed similar outliers. For example, we can’t be sure that a rain event of the type described did not occur in the period before observations were made or may have occurred somewhere on the ice sheet before in a region without any observations.”

Analysis of “Climate Change Will Cause Increased Flooding In Coastal Cities ”

“The article discusses a manuscript that is still under “open access” review, so naturally there is still significant (and public) discussion about the details among scientific reviewers. Overall the article is accurate, […] and it correctly states that sea level rise is a real problem regardless of this particular Hansen publication.”