Perugia International Journalism Festival: media, news and the future of climate change

Posted on:  2019-05-08

Panel: Don’t think of a polar bear: media, news and the future of climate change

10:00 – 11:00   Thursday 4/4/2019 – Centro Servizi G. Alessi, Perugia, Italy

The media ecosystem is facing a big challenge that requires journalists to hold together many different issues in the same story: to be compelling for people, to maintain the reliability of the scientific information, to find the right frame to tell how such a complicated issue is relevant in public opinion.

This panel will address these topics with experts coming from some of the leading experiences in the field that encompasses the communication of climate change for public opinion at large, the use of scientific information in the media, the role of the future and young generations in the climate debate.

Organized in association with CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.


  • Mauro Buonocore


  • Daisy Dunne, Carbon Brief
  • Emmanuel Vincent, Climate Feedback
  • Arthur Wyns, Climate Tracker

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